Annie & Lorraine

Welcome to Annie & Lorraine Select Spice Company. We are proud to offer the world's best sauces and spices. Our unique spice and sauce blends can be used to create dishes ranging from low country crab boils to escargot and succulent braised short ribs. Former restaurant owners with a passion for food, our products can be used to create amazing dishes. Use our sauces whenever you need flavor and depth in a dish. Our products are birthed from a love of good food and our spice company reflects three generations of family and is inspired by our desire to create the most delictable dishes - from our family and yours.

Consummate foodies, Annie and Lorraine have dined everywhere from Five Star restaurants to quaint restaurants in Italy. Being from Alabama their passion for cooking on open fire using seasoned cast iron skilets is a reflection of a deep southern heritage. In addition to our cookware, we encourage you to use our complete collection of preseasoned castiron cookware, along with our cookbook - the perfect combination for an amazing culinary experience. 


At the core of each dish in our cookbook is a rich tradition of family heritage.Our cookbook pays homage to family. Like most southern folks, we have a diverse background that has inspired our cooking, menu, and how we celebrate family and friends through food. ​We have captured our favorite family traditions and recipes from our Irish, Cherokee and African-American heritage and added some new favorites we've cretaed with a southern twist.