Crab Kingdom Pop-Ups With Annie

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Crab Kingdom is where it all started and I am grateful for your support. Founded in 2020, I opened my doors in the middle of a global pandemic in Stonecrest, Georgia. The experience and connectivity of owning a restaurant was my dream and cannot be explianed. I take great pleasure in serving great food and entertaining and I'd like to thank the people of Stonecrest and beyond for their support and an incredible year.  It was Crab Kingdom that laid the foundation for new ideas and expanded opportunities. With scores of people who love my crab boils and seafood, stay tuned for information on Annie's Crab Kingdom pop-up events at a variety of locations near you - let's call it Annie's On The Go!

With love,

Annie Page

Low Country Crab Boil.jpg

Pictured Above Deluxe Snow Crab Combo with Sausage, Corn, Shrimp, and Potatoes. Top Right Southern Fried Catfish Plate and Below Right Succulent Fried Shrimp Plate Served with our Homemade Kingdom Sauce.

Shrimp Basket.jpg