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Cooking With 

A Collection Of Our Favorite Southern Recipes With A Twist

If you appreciate great food, you will love our cookbook. Use our spices, sauces and recipes to create unforgettable dishes. From our burbon bread pudding to red wine lamb chops, you are sure to find a new culinary favorite. 



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Royal Dutch
Cast Iron Cookware

The South's Most DIstinctive Preseasoned Tools For Chefs

We are proud to retail seasoned Royal Dutch Cast Iron Cookware. Our Royal Dutch Cast Iron Cookware comes in a distinctive wooden box and is filled with southern goodness from our kitchen to yours and features a 12" round cast iron skillet, 5 quart dutch over pot, 16.75" x 9.5" reversible grill/griddle, a 3 quart sauce pan/pot, pot handle and open fire rack.

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Garlic Sauce & Crab Boil

Our Signature Sauce 
Featuring Fresh Garlic & Spices
16 oz

Our garlic sauce is made from freshly diced garlic and select ground ingredients and spices. It has a robust flavor and can be used in countelss dishes to add a buttery garlic flavor and a rich taste. You can generally substitute our sauce in any recipe where butter is needed to add garlic flavor or use it alone as the main act, dip our sauce in your personal culinary delight.

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Cajun Sauce & Crab Boil

Our Signature Sauce 
Featuring Fresh Garlic & Red Spices

Our Cajun Sauce is the perfect combination of freshly groud spices and heat to make you feel like you're in the Low Country. The main act in this sauce is our select Cayenne pepper. Delivering a robust flavor with a hint of heat, this red sauce features six spices and can be adjusted to your desired heat by adding more Cayenne pepper to taste. Add our Cajun Sauce to any dish to add flavor and a rich taste or use it alone as the main act in your personal culinary delight. 

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