Preseasoned Cast Iron Cookwear Set

  • The first known use of cast iron cookware was during the Han Dynasty in China, around 220 A.D. Casting techniques became widespread in Europe by the 16th century, and since then, versatile cast iron skillets have been a staple in households all over the world.

    In 1707, cast iron pots and pans were so important to daily life that in Abraham Darby's book, The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith says they were worth more than gold.

    Cast iron cookware saw a decline in the 20th century as other cooking materials like aluminum grew in popularity, but has emerged as an essential element of kitchens across the United States, as chefs and households have fallen in love with the savory results seasoned cast iron cookware provides.

    A major reason why cast iron cookware is making a comeback is because of health concerns. For example, some non-stick coated pans are now known to emit toxic fumes when they are heated past a certain temperature. Cast iron poses none of these risks, and can be heated to extremely high temperatures without negative effects. 

    We are proud to retail seasoned Royal Dutch Cast Iron Cookware. Our Royal Dutch Cast Iron Cookware comes in a distinctive wooden box and filled with southern goodness from our kitchen to yours and features a 12" round cast iron skillet, 5 quart dutch over pot, 16.75" x 9.5" reversible grill/griddle, a 3 quart sauce pan/pot, pot handle and open fire rack.